+ Who can I list on my membership?

The two primary members on any Amazement Square membership must be in the same household. Additional listed members should be family members.

Membership hierarchy is as follows:

  • Primary 1 + Primary 2 (must be in same household)
  • Additional members (# varies on membership level)

+ How does a Flex Square Membership work?

The Flex Square membership allows admittance for a party of up to 6 people, including one or both of the primary members.

When purchasing a Flex Square membership, you will define 1-2 Primary Members, these members must be in the same household. You will also list family members to complete the 4-5 remaining member slots depending on the number of Primary Members listed. Member names cannot be changed during the one-year membership term.

The “flexibility” of this membership is tied to the Primary members. Either of the 2 Primary members are able to bring up to 5 other people with them to the museum to make a party of 6. The individuals brought by the Primary Member do not have to be listed on the membership. If a Primary member cannot make it to the museum, any of the specified family members may visit the museum independently, however, they are not able to use the Flex feature without a Primary Member.


  • Primary 1 + Primary 2 + 4 Specified Members
  • Primary 1 + 3 Specified Members + 2 Unnamed Guests
  • Primary 1 + Primary 2 + 4 Unnamed Guests

Not Permitted: 2 Specified Members + 4 Unnamed Guests

Named and Flexible Add-ons are permitted with a Flex Square. Named Add-ons simply create an additional slot for a specified member and allows the Primary members to attend with a larger party. Flexible Add-ons come with an Add-on card which can be used by any individual that presents the card. Flexible Add-on users that attend without the Primary Member can only bring named individuals on the membership, they are not permitted to use the Flex feature.

Permitted: Flexible Add-On User + Specified Members

Not-Permitted: Flexible Add-On User + Unnamed Guests

+ If I move, may I transfer my membership to another family or receive a refund?

Unfortunately Amazement Square is not able to transfer or refund Giving Square Membership, you will be able to utilize the ACM reciprocal benefit of half-price admission at museums all across the country.

+ Can my babysitter or nanny bring my children to the museum in my place?

Listed members on should be in the same family as the Primary members. If you have purchased a Flexible Add-on, your babysitter or other adult will be able to bring your children without a primary member present. Flexible Add-on users must present the Flexible Add-on card to receive admission. Flexible Add-on users can only bring individuals named on the membership or pay full price admission for nonmember individuals.

+ Can I upgrade my membership?

You may pay the difference between your membership and one at a higher level at any time to upgrade. The original expiration date of your membership will remain the same. Member names may not be changed at the time of an upgrade.

+ Can I change the specified members on my membership or the name of my Add-on during the year?

No. The people specified on memberships are intended to remain the same during the duration of the membership’s one-year term. If you anticipate needing to change a member or a specified add-on during the year, the museum offers a flexible membership level (Flex Square) as well as a Flexible Add-on. You can always add additional members at any time by purchasing an Add-on.

+ Why do I always need to stop in at the front desk before entering the museum when I know the rules and am already a member?

Amazement Square is required to ensure that the number of guests within the building does not exceed the allowed capacity. This is why all guests, even members, must first check-in at the front desk before proceeding on to the museum.

+ Why do member privileges not extend to group or school visits?

School and group visits differ from general admission visits in that they include an additional facilitated orientation and educational programming.

+ If I purchase a membership over the phone or Internet, how soon can I visit the museum?

Your membership is active the moment your order is complete and you can begin using your member benefits simply by presenting a photo ID at the front desk. Your new membership cards will be mailed within 10-15 business days.

Contact us if you have other questions at membership@amazementsquare.org or 434-845-1888.