Interested in a field trip to Amazement Square but want to save money and time?  Choose one of our Inside Out programs instead!  Inside Out brings our immersive, SOL aligned, hands-on programming directly to your school.  

Early Learning Programs

pre-K – 1st grade

+ Dino Math

Non-standard Measurement, Comparing Sets, and Graphing

Investigate math concepts and have a ROARing good time. Students will use non-standard measurement to compare the size of dinosaur footprints and graph their findings. Make tracks to join us!

SOL: Block 1; Block 5; K.1; K.2; K.10; K.13; K.14; 1.9; 1.1; 1.15

+ Life on the Farm

Patterns and Ordinal numbers

Pre-K and K students explore math concepts in our Big Red Barn exhibition! Your students will use ordinal numbers to act out the daily chores of a farmer and create patterns based on a pattern core using their favorite farm animals.

SOL: K.16; K.3; 1.17

+ In the Garden*

Exploring the needs and basic parts of plants

Come outside and discover what plants need to grow. Investigate parts of plants, plant adaptations, and all students will plant seeds to bring home and observe their growth. (In the event of inclement weather, the program will be moved inside)

SOL: Block 5; K.6; K.7; 1.4

+ Where Animals Live*

Environment, habitat, life processes, classification

Embark on an expedition to explore the elements of animal habitats! Through dramatic play and inquiry, students investigate various types of ecosystems and the needs of living things.

SOL: Block 5

Early Elementary Programs

2nd Grade

+ What’s the Matter Monster?

Solids, Liquids, Gases

Meet Amazement Square’s newest monster friends in “What’s the Matter, Monster?” Students will have a bubbling good time as they help to feed our hungry creatures. They will feed their minds too as they learn about phases of matter and phase changes in this exciting and engaging new science lesson.

SOL: 2.3

+ Weather Watchers

Water & Weather

Your students will take a journey as a water droplet exploring the water cycle, cloud types, weather instruments, and watersheds. Students will also participate in a live water cycle at our On the James exhibition.

SOL: 2.6; 2.7; 2.8; 3.9