+ How far in advance do I need to book my rental?

Facility rentals should be finalized no less than 4 weeks in advance to ensure proper staffing and building maintenance.

+ Is a deposit required?

The rental is not finalized until the Amazement Square is in receipt of a non-refundable deposit of half of the rental cost and a signed copy of the contract. The renter must be at least 25 years of age or provide a co-signer.

+ How much does a rental cost?

Each rental is unique and will be quoted on multiple factors including building being requested, staffing requirements, a-la-carte items, and security needs. Please fill out the Facility Rental Request Form to get more information and a personalized estimate.

+ What is an a-la-carte item?

A-la-carte items are related to equipment having associated labor and maintenance costs associated with them. These items range from a projector or stage to tables and chairs.

+ Does Amazement Square provide catering or other service needs?

Amazement Square is strictly a facility space. The renter is responsible for securing entertainment, catering, and service needs. The renter is also responsible for securing an ABC Special Event License for any rental that may provide alcoholic beverages.

+ How much time do I have to decorate?

A: Each rental includes one hour prior to the event for set-up and one hour after the event for tear-down. If the renter requires additional time for set-up and tear-down, access to the facility must be arranged in advance. Cost for each additional hour ranges from $30-$60 based on time of day.

+ What is the maximum capacity for my event?

Fire code stipulates that the maximum capacity in Amazement Square is 400. The capacity limit for the Education Warehouse is 450. For any event approaching maximum capacity, admittance will be restricted when the limit is within 30 individuals.

+ Where can my guests park?

Guests are welcome to park in the Amazement Square lot located directly across from the museum entrance. For additional parking information, please refer to the museum’s parking map or the City of Lynchburg Public Parking guide. Please note that most public parking is free after business hours and on weekends.

+ What is the difference between a public and private event?

A private event is by invitation only where the renter takes responsibility for all fees associated with the event such as a wedding reception or corporate teambuilding workshop. A public event is open to a general audience and typically includes pre-sale tickets or a door charge to cover costs. Public events such as these are prohibited unless proceeds will be donated to a charity or non-profit organization approved by Amazement Square.

+ Who is responsible for accidents during the event?

Amazement Square does not assume liability for any injury to the Renter, guests, or invitees brought to the Facility.