Membership FAQ’s

Q. If I move, may I transfer my membership to another family or receive a refund?

A. No, unfortunately Amazement Square is not able to transfer or refund memberships, however, if you have either the Fantastic, Flex, or Giving Square Membership, you will be able to utilize the ACM reciprocal benefit of half-price admission at museums all across the country. 

Q. Can my babysitter or nanny bring my children to the museum in my place?

A. If you purchased the Flexible Add-On, your babysitter will be able to bring your children without a primary member present. Listed members on your membership may attend the museum free of charge with this adult.  Adult must present Flexible Add-On card at the Front Desk upon entering the Museum.

Q. Can I downgrade my membership?

A. While you will not receive a refund, if you find that the membership level that you have chosen does not work for your circumstances, you may downgrade it any time simply by calling the museum or visiting guest services at the Front Desk of the Museum. 

Q. Can I upgrade my membership?

A. You may pay the difference between your membership and one at a higher level at any time to upgrade. The original expiration date of your membership will remain the same. 

Q. Can I change the specified members on my membership or the name of my Add-on during the year?

A. No. The people specified on memberships are intended to remain the same during the duration of the membership’s one-year term. If you anticipate needing to change a member or a specified add-on during the year, the museum offers a flexible membership levels (Flex Square & Giving Square) as well as the Flexible Add-On, which both allow you to bring different people with each visit. You can always add additional members at any time by purchasing an Add-On. 

Q. Why don’t you offer a military discount?

A. Amazement Square’s general admission ticket prices are already subsidized for all visitors through the generous support of donors. In fact, only about 50% of the museum’s revenue is earned through income sources such as ticket sales. The remainder is received through foundations, grants, corporate, and individual donations. As a non-profit institution which receives many more requests for assistance than we are able to meet, the museum has to make difficult decisions on how to make the most impact with limited resources. We find that we can best meet the needs of the community around us through our established general support programs, such as the Sponsored Admission Program, Museums for All Initiative, and ongoing Outreach Programs, rather than through specific discounts.

Q. Why do I always need to stop in at the front desk before entering the museum when I know the rules and am already a member?

A. Amazement Square is required to ensure that the number of guests within the building does not exceed the allowed capacity. This is why all guests, even members, must first check-in at the front desk before proceeding on to the museum.

Q. Why do member privileges not extend to group or school visits?

A. School and group visits differ from general admission visits in that they include an additional facilitated orientation and educational programming. 

Q. If I purchase a membership over the phone or Internet, how soon can I visit the museum?

A. Your membership is active the moment your order is complete and you can begin using your member benefits simply by presenting a photo ID at the front desk. Your new membership cards will be mailed within 10-15 business days.


Q. How long are Membership Add-Ons active?

A. Add-Ons are tied directly to your membership and will expire on the same date.  This is true even if you purchase the Add-On in the middle of your membership term.

Q. Is my membership tax-deductible?

A. Amazement Square memberships are tax-deductible as allowed by law, please check with your tax advisor before making any claims.  As a general rule, a membership payment is only deductible to the extent it exceeds the value of the benefits provided in exchange. We estimate that the membership benefits provided at the Mini, Fantastic, and Flex Square membership levels exceed the cost of the membership. As a result, these membership purchases are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.  Giving Square memberships include a specific donation amount in addition to the membership benefits, therefore, the amount of a Giving Square that is deductible for federal income tax purposes is limited to the amount of the specific donation.

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