Helene P. Schewel Kaleidoscope Gallery in Lynchburg, VA

Kaleidoscope Gallery

Every child dreams of painting on the walls and, in the Kaleidoscope Gallery’s Paintbox, visitors can do just that! Have big dreams to be a rockstar? Grab a microphone and join us on stage in On Stage: the Rockstar Experience. Have a group jam session in Listen to the Rhythm’s music studio setting or try on a puppet at the Puppet Tree; the Kaleidoscope Gallery is the place to go to stretch your imagination and explore the arts.


Who doesn’t dream of painting on the walls? Step into our one-of-a-kind glass wall paintbox where you can stretch your imagination from floor to ceiling!

On Stage: the Rockstar Experience

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a rockstar? Whether you choose to sing for the crowd or play in the band, On Stage: the Rockstar Experience will make you feel legendary!

Beat Box

Go behind the scenes of your favorite tunes in the Beat Box music studio. Try your hand at our authentic instruments and see what happens when everyone plays together.

Puppet Tree

Try on a new character and put on a show at the Puppet Tree. With dozens of puppets to choose from, the possibilities are limitless!

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