Heart & Seoul: Growing Up in Korea – Now Closed

Heart and Seoul: Growing Up in Korea was cultural exhibit in which five modern-day Korean kids will open their hearts and invite you to take an intimate look into their lives through their diverse interests, customs and ambitions.

Visitors could “hang out” with Korean kids and “text” them questions about what life is like in Seoul, “perform” with K-Pop stars in a K-Pop studio, check out a stop-motion animation studio, learn Taekwondo, and get a taste of Korea “trying” Korean dishes and more!


This exhibition was funded by the Freeman Foundation and administered by the Association of Children’s Museums. It was created by the Children’s Museum of Houston with major additional funding provided by Samsung.

A special “thank you” to River Ridge Mall, The Greater Lynchburg Community Trust, and the Sam and Marion Golden Helping Hand Foundation for their support in bringing this exhibition to the families of Central Virginia.


Sam and Marion Golden Helping Hand Foundation 

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Heart & Seoul: Growing Up in Korea

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