Centra Gallery | League of Healthy Heroes


Come join Scorpy Bug’s League of Healthy Heroes
as they battle against the nefarious junk food villains!



Make healthy
lifestyle choices

to shrink the
Screen Blob!


Bike and kayak
against the
hungry Sofablix!


Show your
health knowledge

and earn your
Healthy Heroes


Collect healthy
to defeat
Food Monster!



Amazement Square is committed to community health through its Health Initiative. Funding from the Centra Foundation and the Institute of Museum and Library Services has helped to make the League of Healthy Heroes exhibition possible. Further, thanks to funding from both institutions, from 2012-2014, over 9,000 community members were reached with free health programming (presented in schools and at the museum); healthy cooking demonstrations; and a Healthy Heroes Fair.
Our annual Amazing Mile Children’s Run welcomes 750 youth annually to downtown Lynchburg to celebrate exercise and a balanced, healthy lifestyle. The 10th Mile Program, in partnership with Lynchburg City Schools, creates a unique training program to all 3rd graders, encouraging them to run 9 miles in their P.E. classes and complete their 10th mile at the Amazing Mile Children’s Run.
As part of a collaboration with the Centra Health Network, the League of Healthy Heroes exhibition teaches children the importance of a balanced lifestyle, in regards to exercise, diet, and screen time. This interactive gallery offers children hands-on activities that communicate the importance of choosing healthy foods and incorporating exercise into their daily routines.
In comic book-style battle, the League of Healthy Heroes exhibition presents the topic of overall health through a fun and innovative approach. The exhibits address Virginia SOL learning strands #2: to achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of personal fitness and #5: to explain the importance of energy balance and nutritional needs of the body to maintain optimal health and prevent chronic disease. The gallery is ideal for both large and small groups and serves as the facilitation space for in-house health programming.



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