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General Admission FAQ


Q: What are Amazement Square’s hours of admission?

A: Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm*, Sunday 1pm-5pm, Closed Mondays except when noted

*Amazement Square has extended hours until 7pm on the second Saturday of every month for Family Fun Night

Q: When is the best time to visit to avoid large crowds?

A: During the school year, weekday afternoons are typically less crowded than the mornings because the museum often hosts school groups in the morning hours. As you start planning your visit, you can call the museum to find out the best days and times for your visit or check our Field Trip Forecast.


Q: What are the Museum Manners?

A: Be Kind! Share with other visitors, take turns and be gentle to the exhibits.

Be Safe! Walk, not run, in the museum, use “inside” voices, stay with your group, and always find a staff member if you need help.

Be Thinking! Explore, ask questions and look for answers!

All guests must wear shoes at all times, unless they are in an area designated as a “shoe free zone”. Shoes must be worn throughout the Amazement Square tower. No food or drink is permitted in the museum outside of the Kidz Warehouse Museum Shop.

Q: What should we wear?

A: We recommend that you wear sneakers, or at least closed back shoes so that you can easily climb throughout our Tower structure.

Q: How long does it take to go through the museum?

A: Your admission charge covers admission to the museum all day, but we recommend that you have at least 2 hours of exploration time.

Q: May I bring a stroller?

A: For safety, strollers are not permitted to go through the museum, but we do have a stroller parking area to leave your stroller while you play.

Q: If we leave can we re-enter?

A: Your admission is good for the entire day, so you may come and go as much as you would like.

Q: Is there a place to eat in the museum?

A: Our Kidz Warehouse museum shop offers a wide variety of drinks and snacks for guests to enjoy.  Snacks may be consumed in our lobby area or at the tables inside the shop. In the warmer months we also have a picnic area located just beside our building.

Q: Are there lockers available to put belongings?

A: We have lockers that are free of charge in exchange for a set of keys or a license while you are playing. We also have a coat rack and cubby holes available.

Q: Where is a good place we can get lunch around the museum?

A: There are a number of different restaurants located within walking distance of the museum. From sandwiches to brick oven pizza there is sure to be a place for your family to grab a bite to eat. Please click here for more information on downtown restaurants!

Q: Do you have wi-fi available?

A: We do not have wi-fi available in the museum.

Q: Where should I park?

A: The parking area across the street from Amazement Square’s main entrance, and the parking lot on the left past our building are free and open for guests of the museum. Please see the parking map.

Q: What happens if a child and his/her caretakers get separated?

A: If you and your child get separated, any staff member will be glad to help you find them. All staff members have radios so that they can communicate with other staff on all floors quickly and easily. The museum also has an intercom system that will allow the Front Desk to page people to come to the lobby to meet their families.

Q: Why don’t you offer a military discount?

A. Amazement Square’s general admission ticket prices are already subsidized for all visitors through the generous support of donors. In fact, only about 50% of the museum’s revenue is earned through income sources such as ticket sales. The remainder is received through foundations, grants, corporate and individual donations. As a non-profit institution which receives many more requests for assistance than we are able to meet, the museum has to make difficult decisions on how to make the most impact with limited resources. We find that we can best meet the needs of the community around us through our established general support programs, such as the Sponsored Admission Program and ongoing Outreach Programs, rather than through specific discounts.

Birthday Party FAQ

Q: How do I make my reservation?

A: Begin your reservation today by calling the museum at (434) 845-1888 or email birthdays@amazementsquare.org!

 Q: When is my $100 non-refundable Deposit Due?

A: Your $100 non-refundable deposit is due the SAME DAY you call to make your reservation. Reservations will not be made until your $100 non-refundable deposit is paid. You can make your reservation and pay your deposit over the phone via credit card or you can come to the museum and pay your deposit in person while you make your reservation.

 Q: Do I have to sign a contract?

A: Yes. After you reserve your party and pay your $100 non-refundable deposit you will be mailed a copy of your contract that must be signed and returned to the museum within 48 of receipt. Your reservation is not made until both the $100 non-refundable deposit and contract are submitted.


 Q: When can I arrive?

A: As a hosting parent, you will have access to your party room 15 minutes prior to your party start time for any additional set up. Your guests WILL NOT be admitted to the museum until opening hours and until the party parent is present.

 Q: The party includes all day admission, when can my guests arrive?

A: No guests will be admitted to the museum until opening hours (Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm*, Sunday 1pm-5pm) and until the party parent is present.

Q: Is there additional cost for extra guests?

A: Your party package includes one free adult for each child, each additional adult guests will cost the regular admission price of $9.75. Additional children (ages 1-15) will only increase cost if the total number of children exceeds your package size. In this case your party would then be changed to the appropriate package size. The cost of additional guests will be automatically added to the final total of your party package, which is to be paid for at the conclusion of your party.

 Q: How do I submit a roster and when is it due?

A: Rosters can be submitted via email to birthdays@amazementsquare.org. For a weekday party, all rosters must be submitted 24 hours prior to your party. For a weekend party, all rosters must be submitted by FRIDAY at 5:00 PMLate rosters or no roster will be charged a $20 fee. 

 Q: Where do my guests go when they arrive?

A: Guests will not be admitted to the museum until the party parent has arrived and until museum opening hours. Party guests should check in at the Birthday Check-In Station (on select Saturdays) or the Front Desk upon arrival to the museum. Their name will be verified by the roster provided by the party parent.

 Q: What should I expect?

A: Upon arrival, you will be greeted by your Amazing Facilitator who will help facilitate your party. Your party room will be decorated with balloons, table flair, and a throne for the birthday child. The Amazing Facilitator will review the Museum Manners with party guests prior to play time. Near the end of your 90 minutes in the party room, the facilitator will assist you in gathering your personal belongings and any other party items that you may be taking home.

 Q: When do I pay for the balance of my party?

A: After your party has finished you will return to the front desk to pay the balance on your party, and any additional charges accrued.

 Q: Can I bring outside food and drinks?

A: You are welcome to bring outside food and beverages or make special arrangements on concession items with The Kidz Warehouse Museum Shop. You may also wish to bring ice, serving utensils, candles, ice cream scoops, and any other items needed to serve your refreshments. We have paper products available starting at $10 for a set of ten. This include plates, flatware, cups, and napkins. These come in green or purple, our museum colors. Food and drinks must remain in the party room at all times.

Q: What am I NOT allowed to bring?

A: There is so much excitement and wonder in the museum that we politely ask you to refrain from bringing piñatas, confetti, or noise makers.

Q: What happens in inclement weather?

A: In the event of inclement weather, the museum will contact you to let you know we are closed, and we will be more than happy to reschedule your party at the next possible date. Amazement Square cannot be held responsible for any changes to your party if we are unable to reach you. We must have a working phone number with voice messaging.

Q: What is the level of involvement of my Party Facilitator?

A: The Party Facilitator is included in the party package. They are there to set up and clean up the room. They’re also there to assist the party parent with any needs, lead the children during any add-ons and to engage the children during the party. Some party parents prefer to have the facilitator lead the party and some party parents prefer to do it themselves. We like to specify the role of the facilitator during the reservation process so the facilitators can better prepare for your party.

School Program FAQ

Q: How early do I need to book a reservation?

A: School groups are reserved on a first come, first serve basis and are subject to availability. We require reservations for all school groups and they must be made at least 4 weeks in advance.  A non-refundable deposit of $50 is due within two weeks after booking.  Late bookings will be subject to a $25 service charge.

Q: Can I add a program to my reservation?

A: Yes. A program can be added up to 4 week before the date of your visit. All programs are subject to availability. Please review our Programs List >

Q: How much does it cost?

                                                         Cost Per Student                

Exploration                                      $8.00    

Exploration and 1 Program             $11.00                   

Exploration and 2 Programs            $13.00                   

Exploration and 3 Programs            $15.00

Enhanced Program*                         $4.00    

*Enhanced Programs are in addition to exploration and/or other programs booked.

Q: How do I pay for my group?

A: For school groups, we require a $50 non-refundable deposit within two weeks after booking your reservation. This deposit goes toward the total amount owed. The remaining balance is due upon your arrival to the museum. Amazement Square accepts payments by cash, check, and all major credit cards.

Q: Do you offer any discounted rates for school groups?

A: Through our Sponsored Admission Program, Amazement Square is able to offer a discount to schools that qualify for 50% or greater free or reduced lunch. This scholarship fund is made possible by generous donations from the community. Funding through this program is limited and granted on a first come, first serve basis. This discount does not apply to lunch rental or additional adult admission.

Q: How are chaperones charged?

A: We require a minimum of one chaperone for every five students visiting the museum, the admission for these chaperones is covered by the cost of the group booking.  Any adults exceeding this 1:5 ratio will be charged $7 per person. If the ratio is not met a $20 fee per hour will be added.  Teachers, aides, and bus drivers are not counted in the chaperone total and are admitted to the museum free of charge regardless of number of students.

Q: We have many extra adults attending. Are they able to pay separately or does there need to be one payment?

A: Extra adults are welcome to pay separately upon arrival, however, if you are with a large group we suggest paying for all adults in one payment to help speed up the check-in process. Extra adults are $7 per person.  The museum does charge a $0.50 processing fee for credit card charges under $10, so we recommend bringing cash.

Q: Can we bring lunch to the museum?

A: While no food, drink, or gum is allowed in the exhibit areas of the museum, visitors are welcome to bring lunches or food with them to in a rented lunch room or the outside picnic area. School groups have the option of renting a room for lunch during their visit. A lunch rental is $1 per student with a minimum of $25. Lunch sessions are limited to 30 minutes each. Please be sure to schedule your lunch rental in advance as they are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.  A lunch rental can be added up to a week before a your visit date upon availability. A $15 late fee will be charged if the room is requested on the day of your visit.

Q: What happens if I need to cancel my reservation?

A: From time to time schools must cancel programs due to unforeseen circumstances. To cancel or change your reservation, notify the museum as soon as possible. You must receive confirmation of cancellation or change of reservation from the museum for it to take effect. Your $50 program deposit is non-refundable but is transferable only to another school program reservation made by the same school within the same school year, from September through August. Groups cancelling within 4 weeks of their visit date whose deposits have not been received will be subject to a $50 per reservation cancellation fee. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Programs Reservationist at education@amazementsquare.org or 434-845-1888.

Q: I’m ready to book a reservation, now what?

A: If you have any further questions or if you are ready to schedule your school’s trip to Amazement Square, email education@amazementsquare.org or contact our Programs Reservationist at 434-845-1888. After a reservation is made, you will receive a confirmation and a Deposit Slip to make your $50 non-refundable deposit. This deposit goes toward the total amount owed. The remaining balance is due upon your arrival to the museum.

Thank you for your interest in Amazement Square’s Amazing Adventure School Programs!


Facility Rental FAQ

Q: How far in advance do I need to book my rental?
A: Facility rentals should be finalized no less than 4 weeks in advance to ensure proper staffing and building maintenance.

Q: Is a deposit required?

A: The rental is not finalized until the Amazement Square is in receipt of a non-refundable deposit of half of the rental cost and a signed copy of the contract. The renter must be at least 25 years of age or provide a co-signer.

Q: How much does a rental cost?

A: Each rental is unique and will be quoted on multiple factors including building being requested, staffing requirements, a-la-carte items, and security needs. Please fill out the Facility Rental Request Form to get more information and a personalized estimate.

Q: What is an a-la-carte item?

A: A-la-carte items are related to equipment having associated labor and maintenance costs associated with them. These items range from a projector or stage to tables and chairs.

Q: Does Amazement Square provide catering or other service needs?

A: Amazement Square is strictly a facility space. The renter is responsible for securing entertainment, catering, and service needs. The renter is also responsible for securing an ABC Special Event License for any rental that may provide alcoholic beverages.

Q: How much time do I have to decorate?

A: Each rental includes one hour prior to the event for set-up and one hour after the event for tear-down. If the renter requires additional time for set-up and tear-down, access to the facility must be arranged in advance. Cost for each additional hour ranges from $30-$60 based on time of day.

Q: What is the maximum capacity for my event?

A: Fire code stipulates that the maximum capacity in Amazement Square is 400. The capacity limit for the Education Warehouse is 450. For any event approaching maximum capacity, admittance will be restricted when the limit is within 30 individuals.

Q: Where can my guests park?

A: Guests are welcome to park in the Amazement Square lot located directly across from the museum entrance. For additional parking information, please refer to the museum’s parking map or the City of Lynchburg Public Parking guide. Please note that most public parking is free after business hours and on weekends.

Q: What is the difference between a public and private event?

 A: A private event is by invitation only where the renter takes responsibility for all fees associated with the event such as a wedding reception or corporate teambuilding workshop. A public event is open to a general audience and typically includes pre-sale tickets or a door charge to cover costs. Public events such as these are prohibited unless proceeds will be donated to a charity or non-profit organization approved by Amazement Square.

 Q: Who is responsible for accidents during the event?

A: Amazement Square does not assume liability for any injury to the Renter, guests, or invitees brought to the Facility.

Membership FAQ

Q: Why did you discontinue the Teacher Memberships?

A. Amazement Square has a deep appreciation for the work that teachers do and the transformative role they play in the development of our youth. Unfortunately, as a non-profit institution, the museum has to make difficult decisions on how to make the most impact with limited resources. Each year, Amazement Square has many more requests for assistance than we are able to meet. With this need facing us, we are no longer able to justify the added expense of subsidizing Terrific Teacher Square memberships, when we can more fairly meet the needs of the community around us through our established general support programs, such as the Sponsored Admission Program and ongoing Outreach Programs. 

Q: If I move, may I transfer my membership to another family or receive a refund?

A. No, unfortunately Amazement Square is not able to transfer or refund memberships, however, if you have either the Fantastic, Flex or Amazing Membership, you will be able to utilize the ACM reciprocal benefit of half-price admission at museums all across the country. 

Q: Can my babysitter or nanny bring my children to the museum in my place?

A. If you have a Mini, Fantastic, or Giving Square membership and have purchased the Caregiver Add-on, your babysitter will be able to bring your children without a primary member present. If you have a Flex Square membership, however, Caregiver Add-ons are not permitted.  Learn more about Flex Square rules here.

Q: Can I downgrade my membership?

A. While you will not receive a refund, if you find that the membership level that you have chosen does not work for your circumstances, you may downgrade it any time simply by calling the museum or visiting guest services at the front desk of the museum.

Q: Can I upgrade my membership?

A. You may pay the difference between your membership and one at a higher level at any time to upgrade. The original expiration date of your membership will remain the same. Member names may not be changed at the time of an upgrade.

Q: Can I change the specified members on my membership or the name of my Add-on during the year?

A. No. The people specified on memberships are intended to remain the same during the duration of the membership’s one-year term. If you anticipate needing to change a member or a specified add-on during the year, the museum offers the flexible membership level (Flex Square) as well as the Guest Pass, which all allow you to bring different people with each visit. You can always add additional members at any time by purchasing an Add-on or Guest Pass. 

Q: Why do I always need to stop in at the front desk before entering the museum when I know the rules and am already a member?

A. Amazement Square is required to ensure that the number of guests within the building does not exceed the allowed capacity. This is why all guests, even members, must first check-in at the front desk before proceeding on to the museum.

Q: Why do member privileges not extend to group or school visits?

A. School and group visits differ from general admission visits in that they include an additional facilitated orientation and educational programming. 

Q: If I purchase a membership over the phone or Internet, how soon can I visit the museum?

A. Your membership is active the moment your order is complete and you can begin using your member benefits simply by presenting a photo ID at the front desk. Your new membership cards will be mailed within 10-15 business days.

Q: How long are guest passes active?

A. Guest passes are tied directly to your membership and will expire on the same date. This is true even if you purchase the guest pass in the middle of your membership.

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