Ag: The Amazing Applications of Silver – NEW!

Visit The Changing Gallery on the museum’s 2nd floor to explore the various properties and applications of silver in science, the arts and the everyday uses of this precious metal. Made possible by a generous donation from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA), this exhibition, in an engaging and interactive environment, explores the various scientific, functional and creative uses of silver in history.

Historically, silver is known for its use in coins, silverware and jewelry. Today, however, because of the various unique properties of silver, it has great use in a number of industrial and medicinal applications. From solar panels, to X-Ray photography, automotive industry, computers, water purification systems, 3D printing, and a number of other applications, silver has become a material of innovation!

For this exhibition Amazement Square has created an environment for visitors of all ages that inspires hands-on and inquiry-based play and learning, sparking the visitors’ imagination and curiosity in the various applications of silver.

An exciting exhibition that you won’t want you to miss, Ag:The Amazing Applications of Silver will be featured in the 2nd floor Changing Gallery of the museum until February 2019.

This exhibition was made possible by support from:

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Forest Dental Center
Schewels Furniture
Westminster Canterbury

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