Membership Add-ons

Customize your membership with an Add-on!

Available with Mini, Fantastic, & Giving Squares

Member: Named Add-OnNamed Add-On $20

Adds one specified person to the membership. NOTE: Any adult named add-on becomes like all other named adults on the membership and may bring the member children to Amazement Square. General Admission for 4 visits: $36 (Savings: $16)

Caregiver Add-On $25

Allows a variable babysitter or other adult not on the membership to bring the member children. A caregiver card is included and must be brought by the caregiver for admittance.

Available with all Memberships

Guest Pass Add-On $25

Allows 1 free guest accompanying a primary member. General Admission for 4 visits: $36 (Savings: $11 + flexibility)

Additional Membership Cards $10

1 wallet size card and 1 key tag are included with the membership. Note: ACM members must have their wallet card to receive their discount at ACM reciprocal museums.

Membership Cards
You may add your choice of: 1 wallet card OR 2 key tags.


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